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Please send order form, all information, samples, and templates to:


Curran Glass Studio
1930 N 77th Court
Elmwood Park, IL 60707-3622

SINGLE BEND--1st panel                                     $85
Additional panels $65 each

DOUBLE BEND--1st panel                                 $100
Additional panels $85 each

TRIPLE BEND--1st panel                                    $150
Additional panels $125 each

These prices include the cost of ordinary glass used in fabricating the new panel(s). Specialty glass will require additional charges.

Wholesale pricing is available for those in the trade. Please inquire for details.


Pieces that require special work—such as painted or acid-etched pieces, beveled edges, wheel-engraved pieces, severe protrusions, extreme angle bends, or especially large panels—will be individually quoted.


To guarantee duplication of bends, we need you to supply one good sample panel.


Return shipping charges will be added to these prices, so please do not send a check with your order.


Avoid sending an entire lampshade. If you must do this, it creates a lot of extra work at our end, and there will be an additional charge of up to $50.


Return shipping costs are at customer’s expense and can’t be calculated until your job is complete, so please wait to pay until we let you know the full amount due.


Orders under $100 will be subject to a $10 boxing charge.


Flat panels with no bend are available. Please email or call to ask about cost.


China and curio cabinet bends (including serpentine bends), custom sash bends and crown glass are also available. Please send your specifications for a price quote.

Prices subject to change.

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