A comment we hear over and over again from our customers is this: “My new leaded glass looks like it’s been in my home since the day the house was built.” It’s true--we take great pains to create designs that look like they belong where you put them. And with our incomparable inventory of glass and jewels, we can make it happen.


Turn-of-the-century? Mid-century? Art Deco? Arts and Crafts? Prairie? We can handle it. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular transom, inserts for kitchen cabinets or bookcase doors, windows to block a not-so-great view, sidelights for a grand entryway, or fireplace windows for your bungalow--we’ll come up with just the right design for your space, and we’ll build it the way leaded glass windows have been built for centuries.


Why settle for something from a flea market, eBay, or your local big-box home center? Our windows and leaded glass panels are built to fit the openings you specify, in colors that work with your decor, in a style that works with your architecture.

Getting Started

With custom leaded glass, the possibilities are literally almost infinite. So it’s helpful if you can gather the following information before you make that first phone call. Doing this will help you—and us—understand the kind of art glass you are looking for. The more you can tell and show us about what you like (and what you don’t like), the more quickly your project will come into focus.

Where will the panel/window go? (Cabinet door, transom, folding screen, table insert)
If it’s a window, what time of day does the sun shine through?
What is the approximate size of art glass?
How you want it to function (focal point? provide privacy? hide view?)
What is your general color scheme?
What is your preferred style? (Victorian, Arts and Crafts, contemporary, etc.)
Who will install the panel (you? your contractor? Curran Glass Studio?)
What is your approximate budget?
It’s also useful to collect anything that shows ideas, colors and patterns you like.
(Magazine clippings, design references, color chips, fabric swatches, wallcovering samples, tiles, photos, sketches)
Price and Lead time
How much will it cost?
Until you’ve approved a design and glass samples, it’s hard to say, exactly.
The price of custom leaded glass depends on many factors: size, the complexity of the design, the kind of glass to be used, the kind of metal to be used, whether or not the design includes any bevels (and whether those beveled pieces are straight or curved) and so on.
A general rule of thumb is that custom leaded glass starts at $150 per square foot and goes up from there. It can also be had for less. It’s important to decide up front how much you want to spend so we can work within that budget.
How long will it take?
Custom work takes time. Plan for 10-12 weeks from the time you order.

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