It is especially rewarding to restore failing leaded glass windows to their original splendor. Not only do we have the expertise to understand and execute the best procedures for repairing art glass panels that are broken, buckled, leaking or loose, but we also stock all the necessary materials so that we can offer our customers prompt attention.


For over 40 years, Curran Glass Studio has worked to restore hundreds of art glass panels in buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Spencer, Tallmadge and Watson and other notable Chicago-area architects. But most of our work is for homes or other buildings whose designers worked in anonymity.


If your project involves a property that has experienced a major “remuddling,” or a crisis such as fire or theft, we can duplicate art glass panels existing elsewhere on the property, or recreate pieces that have been lost or destroyed. We work closely with glass manufacturers to achieve the best possible match for your glass. In most cases, a photo and dimensions give us enough information to work up an accurate cost estimate and delivery schedule for you.


Whether you want a repair for one broken piece in your dining room window, or you need to recreate 96 pieces of leaded glass for your home based on photos you found at the local historical society—we can help.

The Right Materials

When restoring antique leaded glass—or even when making a simple repair—it’s essential to use the right materials.


Antique Glass and Jewels

For exclusive use in hard-to-match repairs or the restoration of antique windows, we maintain an amazing collection of discontinued sheet glass, some of it more than a century old. We have clear sheet and polished plate glass from the early 1900s. We stock thousands of cut, cast and pressed jewels for use in elaborate Victorian panels.


Exquisite Bevels

To replace broken beveled glass pieces in an old window, we create replacement bevels in our studio on turn-of-the-century beveling equipment, taking care to use vintage plate glass to better match the subtle tint of the existing surrounding pieces. We can also create fancy bevels—zippercuts, starbursts, honeycombs and more.


Old Plate Glass

Float glass made today has a greenish-blue cast. Old glass has a faint yellow look, sort of like pale Vaseline. If you’re trying to match the glass in an old window, this difference matters. (Today’s manufacturers also offer “colorless” and “old-looking” types of sheet glass.)


Appropriate Metals

For restoration of bowed or buckled panels, we refabricate each leaded panel with a special alloy lead that stiffens the panel and prevents stretching and sagging once the repairs are complete.
Our inventory of cames—lead, zinc, brass—covers nearly all the extrusions, profiles and metals used in the construction of all types of art glass panels, new and old. We even carry lead that looks like twigs!  Please note that we do virtually no new window fabrication in copper foil.
To keep restored panels straight and rigid, we don’t skimp on applying the necessary rebars. We inventory these, too, in all shapes and sizes, in galvanized metal or brass to resist rusting.
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