Plenty of people can cut glass. Bend it? That’s a different story. We bend glass for lamp panels (sometimes called slag glass lamp panels), window sash, china cabinet doors, display cases, clock faces, picture frames and so on.


You can trust Curran Glass Studio to create replacement pieces for your most precious glass lampshades. Our extensive inventory of colored glass, much of it from the early 20th century and no longer made, means that we can precisely match glass in antique fixtures. Some shades have frosted panels or reverse painting; we offer those services as well.


We DO NOT provide bent tempered glass, but will gladly provide a referral for it, or for a project too large for any of our kilns.

We’ve bent literally thousands of panels for the repair of antique slag glass (bent glass) lamps. Whether your lamp has one broken piece or no glass left at all, we can usually help you. We prefer to have one good original piece to work with so we can match the bend and glass color, but will work from the lampshade itself if necessary. We ship bent glass from coast to coast.

Bent Lamp Panels

A single bend curves in one dimension only. Top and bottom of the bent panel will rest flat on a table. Single bends are often found in hexagonal or octagonal lamps.
A double bend curves from top to bottom and from side to side, “around” the lamp. Most of the lamp panels we see are double bends, and they’re usually found in a round lamp shade.
A triple bend curves in an “S” shape from top to bottom (this is two bends), and once “around” the lamp (this is the third bend). These bends are usually in antique hanging light fixtures.
Before ordering bent glass lamp panels, please read Bent Glass Lamp Panel Ordering Information.
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