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Scroll down to see some of our work and the range of our projects. Here you’ll find examples of new stained glass work, stained glass restoration, hand beveled glass, bent glass china cabinets, bent glass lamp panels, sand etching, wheel engraving and more.

Hand beveling glass
Antique bent glass lamp shade
Bent cabinet glass restoration
Victorian bent window restoration
Glass window made by curran glass
Window above door, handmade by us
Privacy window, curran glass
Lampshade restoration
Mirror panels
Lampshade restoration
Painted, bent glass panels
Custom lampshade
Window restoration project
Window restoration project
Custom leaded windows
Textured leaded glass window
Bent glass, Bent glass lamp panel,
Wheel engraved panels
Three types of bends
Bent glass restoration panel
Beaded cluster
Painted stained glass
Beveled textured window
Bent glass, Bent glass lamp panel,
Glass beveling
Bent glass lamp base
Bent glass display cabinet
Custom leaded glass
Casement detail
Double hung leaded window
Double hung leaded glass windows
Before/after glass restoration
Leaded window stylized rose
Commemorative window
Beveled glass window
Sand etched glass plaque
Prairie entry hall glass
Bent glass restoration
Curved glass frame restoration
Hand-beveled glass
Beveled glass window
Art glass doors
Custom leaded cabinet glass
Textured glass panel
Leaded glass window
Curved beveled glass
Custom leaded glass window
Beveled glass front doors
Leaded window
Hand-beveled glass window
Custom leaded glass
Bent frosted glass lamp panels
Hand beveled window
Leaded glass french doors
Leaded glass design
Leaded glass windows
Custom leaded glass lamps
Leaded glass restoration
Custom leaded glass window
Lampshade illuminated
Custom leaded glass panel
Leaded glass restoration
Leaded glass plant forms
Beveled glass restoration
Bent glass, Bent glass lamp panel,
Leaded glass design
Bent glass panels
Leaded glass front doors
Beveled glass panel
Restored leaded glass
Hand beveled glass window
Stained glass window
Sand etched leaded glass
Slag lamp restoration
Bent glass, Bent glass lamp panel,
leaded glass in progress
Modern textured stained glass
Modern leaded glass
Antique lamp restoration
Modern leaded glass window
Wheel engraved leaded window
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